We offer a full spectrum of networks, knowledge and experience in business services at an affordable price.

Oversize-Dimensional Safety & Support

Pilot Escort, certified with over 25 years experience as a Heavy Hauler in Northeast FL.

Certified and insured pilot escort (High-Pole, Lead, Chase, Rover, Route Surveys) for all of your over-dimensional sized loads.

QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeping Services


Professional, Educated, Courteous, Reliable, & Trustworthy Bookkeeping Services with our Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor.

Freelance Graphics & Website Design, Hosting & Business Services

  • Freelance Website Design and Hosting
    • We create the website with the domain name you have by migrating into our hosting plan or we acquire a domain name representing you as BEST in the BUSINESS!
    • Maintenance is part of the plan and is performed daily with Backups, Monitoring for Vulnerabilities, Malware, Performance and more
    • Search Engine Optimization to keep your costs at a minimum or no cost at all. Our goal is to have your website on the top 10 in your specific business category.
    • Continuous updates and additions are made upon your request.
    • Our Pro Status with the hosting and domain vendor sets you up for success and a cost well below the average.

Full Spectrum Services

Southern Gentlemen have business service acquaintances throughout Northeast Florida and beyond.

Contact us for

  • Services provided through our Full Spectrum Network to include: Bookkeeping, Commercial Architecture, Residential Handyman, Towing & Recovery, Pilot Car Escorts, Certified Public Accountant, Appliance Repairman, Website Design and others joining our network.
  • a broker to make the sale, or
  • a referral for goods and services
  • Freelance Graphic Design


We offer a full spectrum of networks, knowledge and experience in business services at an affordable price.

Business’ requiring professional assistance with organizational management from a professional, with 20 years experience and a bachelors degree, your task is my goal. – Andrea Morris

Logistics to include oversize dimensional loads for pilot car escorts are a specialty handled by a Heavy Haul veteran with over 25 years of experience. – Shawn Morris

Entrepreneurs are the future of the United States. Please help support small businesses and those like us, who desire to help others. Our prices are competitive with professional and quality services.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Southern Gentlemen Services guarantee to meet and exceed your business service expectations. You may contact us for references.

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